How Outsourcing Email Management Can Benefit your Business

There are certainly a lot of benefits that your business could obtain from outsourcing and one major ones is email management. Emails can be the source of one of the biggest time wasters in anyone’s day.

Most email systems alert you when you receive a new email and the notification distracts you from your current task.  You look at the email and start to deal with it and before you know 15 minutes have passed and your workflow has been interrupted.  Email Inboxes can so quickly become over flowing and full of unnecessary information that you really don’t need.  A good Virtual Assistant can help tame this problem!

By delegating your emails to a Virtual Assistant you can save a lot of time each day.  Of course some emails are important and your VA  will let you know of anything that is urgent, but having someone deal with all the unimportant and spam/junk mail, organising emails into appropriate folders so that when you have the time you can immediately see what requires your attention is a big time saver and will free you up to carrying on the more important aspects of your business and allowing more time for yourself.

Your Virtual Assistant will quickly learn what type of emails you receive, which are the most important and prioritise these for you to read & deal with and will make email clients look much less cluttered when you view them.

The Google Calendar and Gmail has become the preferred tool for a lot of virtual assistants. It adds versatility and has the ability to be checked on from many devices.

If you aim to set a balance in life and work then this is just one task a Virtual Assistant can help with.  Why not get in touch with Get Ahead Solutions to see how we can help